the book

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, churches across America were empty. The Covid-19 pandemic engulfed the world, accelerating the technological, social, and spiritual trends that are changing how churches must engage our world.
With clear, documented insights, Empty Church explains why leading a healthy church is so much more difficult today. But Empty Church doesn’t stop there. With the education of a missiologist and the experience of a churchman, Stanley E. Granberg, Ph.D., provides practical, actionable steps the church can take to address the challenge of empty churches.

In our reshaped Covid world there are no tried and true methods of promoting church health and growth. But there are essential biblical approaches that get back to basics. Empty Church provides a hopeful approach that includes:

• Sharing faith as the essence of evangelism which sees Christians as spiritual guides rather than truth pounders.
• How to start spiritual conversations using three simple 3-questions.
• Helping people assess their own spiritual journey through a coffee napkin drawing.
• Why serving is God’s incredible avenue to building a church’s reputation and credibility in their community.
• Developing a discipleship pathway that helps believers grow towards spiritual maturity.
• Gathering spiritual traveling companions into small groups and house churches where they learn to rely on each other to flourish in life.
• A way for every church to create an estate plan that protects their legal and operating rights.
• How churches that decide they need to close can do so in a realistic, God-honoring way that passes forward their heritage of faith.

The heart of Empty Church is to help every church make good decisions about their possible future. Empty Church will help you understand your challenges and plan for your opportunities as a church in our 21stcentury world.